How far in advance do I need to get in touch with/book Dos Doulas?

We generally meet with potential clients anywhere from the 20th to the 38th week of pregnancy but it is never too early or late too call! Call Dos Doulas and we will either set up a meeting with you or refer you to one of our trusted colleagues if we are booked.

Will my Doula have a backup?

All Doulas have back ups. Cori and Sarah back each other up so that one or the other could be at your birth. In the extremely rare, but not impossible, circumstance where we are both at a birth at the same time or one of us is at a birth and the other is incapacitated we will make sure that your birth is attended by another trusted and well-loved Doula.

What if I have a quick labor? Will I get a refund?

Quick labors do happen but they are never as fast as they are in the movies! It is your responsibility to contact us at the first signs of labor and then to continually update us as to your progress. We make every effort to attend your labor. If we miss the birth due to any fault of our own we keep the retainer in payment for consultation and being on call and the remainder will not be required.

Will my insurance cover doula costs?

There are some insurance companies that will reimburse you for doula services (both labor and postpartum), but most do not. If yours does, we will be happy to provide you with documentation. You can most likely get reimbursement with a FSA (Flexible Spending Account). We are also able to provide documentation for this claim. We do not file claims for you.

If I hire Dos Doulas do I need to take childbirth education classes too?

Education is key to making informed choices about your care. Childbirth Ed classes help you determine your birth preferences and your doula will then work with you to make your labor experience as positive as possible.

Please see our resources for our favorite educators!

Is a Birth Plan important?

Dos Doulas like to call them “Birth Preferences” because we have found that it is impossible to “plan” your birth! We find that outlining birth preferences to be a good way to make sure you have researched and thought through all of the options and interventions that may come up during your labor. Labor is not the time for taking in new information! Stating your preferences in a non-confrontational format makes it clear to your caregivers (Dr., Midwife, Nurses and Doula) that you are informed and you have made choices!
Follow this link to www.birthplan.com

How do Dos Doulas work with Partners of laboring women?

Doulas and partners have different areas of expertise. We are the experts on birth and supporting laboring women while your partner is the expert on YOU.

This role of the loving partner is essential and not one that can be filled by a doula. Dos Doulas reassures your partner that birth is normal and thereby allowing them to be emotionally present for the laboring woman.

Follow this link to http://www.dona.org/mothers/dads_and_doulas.php for a nice article on the Doula and the Partner.

If I am planning on using pain medication should I hire a doula?

You should consider hiring a Dos Doulas if you feel it is important to have educational, emotional, and physical support. Labor is unlike any other experience and having continuous support from someone who has expertise can increase positive outcomes. Also, not everyone has the expected relief from pain medication. Having a doula present can help you make educated and conscious decisions. She can help you relax, and encourage you to continue being an active participant in your labor. Sometimes, when a lot of interventions are involved, it can make someone feel powerless. Feeling empowered by your labor and birthing a healthy baby, no matter whether you have a natural childbirth experience, use medications, other interventions, or a c-section, is the most important outcome. A doula’s job is to support you and help you really own the experience, no matter what your choices are.

Do you provide references?

Yes! Please talk to our previous clients to make sure we are the right fit for you. Feeling right about your decision is essential.

Should I take the hospital/birth center tour?

Absolutely. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the environment in which you will give birth. However, we have found that occasionally incorrect information is given about what you can expect. Remember, the tour is designed to interest you in that hospital so that you will choose it for your care. Any information about hospital procedures should be discussed directly with you care provider and if they don’t know the answers the hospital Patient Representative may be able to assist you.

Do you offer breastfeeding support?

Cori and Sarah are trained and experienced in assisting breastfeeding women. There are many basic techniques that Dos Doulas can teach you to get you comfortable and confident. If you have difficulty after that, we highly recommend having a consultation with a lactation specialist. Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants have training that is equivalent to a PhD in boobs! See our resources for our faves.

Are there Doulas in different price ranges?

There sure are. Send us your info (Name, Estimated Due Date, Care Provider, and how much you feel you can pay for doula service) and we will pass it on to other doulas in your price range! It is the doula decree “ a doula for every woman who wants one”.

Is it too late to change my care provider?

We find that often the more educated women become about their options in childbirth the more often they question whether their care provider is right for them. We recommend you ask your Doctor or Midwife the following questions and if you still don’t feel comfortable then you always have the option to switch.

The following questions were taken from, “Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn”, by Simkin, Whalley, and Keppler

Please contact us for recommendations for OB’s and Midwives who will respect your choices.

How do you interact with medical providers?

Again it is a matter of roles. Your OB/Midwife’s role is to perform clinical tasks and to make medical diagnosis. Dos Doulas’ role is to provide continuous support for you and your partner, whether you need education, emotional and physical support or an informed liaison to help you interact with the your care provider. We have longstanding positive relationships with the NY birth community and we come highly recommended by many Drs, Midwives, Nurses and Childbirth Educators.